Radiata Pine ​

Radiata Pine lumber is plantation-grown, and generally has very wide growth rings and is limited to the amount of knots. Making it perfect for appearance grade lumber such as furniture. 

The heartwood is light brown, wide sapwood is a paler yellowish white, and is distinct from the heartwood. 

Radiata Pine works well with both hand and machine tools. Glues and finishes well.

Grade: COL and Millrun

T: 16mm+

W: 75mm+

L: 2440mm+

Origin: Chile


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Botanical Name
Pinus Radiata 

Other Names
Radiata Pine

South America, New Zealand, Australia

Sapwood Colour
Yellowish white

Heartwood Colour 
Reddish brown

Straight grained with a fine to medium texture


Common Uses 
Moulding, furniture, pallets, packing, fibre board, plywood, cellulose

Working Properties

Stability         xx

Bending        xxxx

Gluing           xxxx

Machining    xxxx

Screwing       xx

xxxx = excellent
xxx = good

xx = fair 
x = not good

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